by Florence Choy

Once a year, Easter morning starts off earlier for some members who gather for a sunrise worship service outdoors at the space frame at 6.30am. As the magnificent sun rises gradually from beyond the horizon (and behind the boarding school buildings), worship songs proclaiming God’s love and providence echo through the quietness of the morning and fill the air. The amazing sight of the sun rising together with the voices of the worshipers display an encouraging image of Christians in love with the risen Lord.

This year on Easter Sunday 24th April 2011, around 60 persons gathered for the annual Easter Sunrise Worship – led by Uncle Eng Keow and the band.  Several ladies (Chin Ai, Tina, Charlotte, Julie) were also involved in leading.  There were sharings by several people including Uncle Robert Chew and sister Zhi Ning.

At the end, during the singing of the closing song, worshippers moved forward to place a flower on the wire-mesh around the “barren cross” – signifying that new life comes only in and through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This is referred to as the “flowering of the cross”.  The flowers are usually arranged by the coordinators – Cecilia Ng up till 2010, and Ong Lay Tin from 2011.

After the Sunrise worship, worshippers had a time of fellowship over breakfast – all food lovingly prepared by some members of the church.  Truly a breakfast spread and an excellent time of fellowship! Excited chatter filled the hallways as different persons remarked about the extensive variety of food available, and caught up with the latest news about how each other was doing. More people started coming, and the musicians and tech team started their rehearsals to prepare for the main service at 9.00am.

At 9.00am, “Hosanna! Hosanna!” – the cry of praise and adoration in recognition of the messiahship of Jesus Christ as He entered into Jerusalem more than 2000 years ago – resounded in the sanctuary as Paul Yeo and his team led in the processional song during the worship service. As the song started, a procession of kids, adults and seniors entered the sanctuary performing a tambourine dance. The older ones carried tambourines, while the younger kids carried and swung colourful flags. Everyone was rejoicing, and it was an act to remember and proclaim our Lord Jesus Christ’s victory over death, our Lord who is now seated at the right hand of God the Father.

After the worship session, TRAC President, Rev Dr Wee Boon Hup, delivered the sermon entitled “Living in the Resurrection Zone” based on Colossians 3:1-4. After the sermon, the congregation was invited to move forward to place fresh flowers on the cross at the front of the sanctuary – the “flowering of the cross”. During offering, Michelle performed a piano piece combined with her powerful vocals as an offering song.

As Easter Sunday is also LWMC’s Birthday, Easter Sunday 2011 marks LWMC’s 8th anniversary.  To celebrate the occasion, 8 different cakes – each baked by a different person – were brought out and laid out in front.  After the congregation sang the LWMC Birthday Song, each cake was cut by one of the 8 representatives.

After the Easter Celebration Service, worshippers proceeded for a time of fellowship over buffet lunch.  Many were seen heading first towards the cake counter in order to sample at least a slice each of the 8 home-baked cakes!

Overall, it was a meaningful time of reflecting about how we live our lives, remembering that our Saviour has risen, and a good time of fellowship and bonding with members of the church. Truly, glory to God and better is one day in the house of the Lord than a thousand elsewhere.

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