Posted by KS On February - 19 - 2016

(Registration closes on 21 February 2016)

Life is short.  Life is an adventure.
Life is this.  Life is that.

So what do we do?  Do we speed up or slow down?
Do we quit our jobs and see the world or
do we stay put and climb the ladder?

Maybe all that matters is that while we’re here
on earth, we never stop exploring what it’s all about.

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions
exploring the Christian faith.
There is no pressure, no follow up and no charge.

And it’s fun.

Explore life – try Alpha.

Come join us for an introductory tea on Saturday 27 February.  Alpha will be on consecutive Wednesday evenings starting 9 March till 18 May with the exception of 20 April.

We’ll be having a day away on Saturday 23 April and a celebratory dinner on Saturday 28 May.

Want to know more?  Shin Min, Ciwei, Eu Jin or Mei-Lin will be happy to help you.