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24 Dec (Tue) 9am to 1pm; 26 Dec (Thu) – CLOSED; 31 Dec (Tue) 9am to 1pm.

(1) 25 December, Wednesday – 10am: Christmas Day Service at CPA-1; 11.45am: Christmas High Tea Reception after the service at Students Activities Centre i.e. ACS Canteen. (2) 31 December, Tuesday – 6pm: Year-end Potluck Fellowship at Space Frame; 8pm: Watchnight and Holy Communion Service at CPA-1

The course will begging in July 2014 and run for 8 weeks. Venue and exact dates to be announced later. Those interested, please contact Church Office at 6873 1590 for more information.

Experience serving on board the ship side-by-side with crew members in one of the essential departments, attend daily devotions and receive ministry training. This is the primary volunteer program we will refer queries to. The Logos Hope will be in Singapore from Friday, 24 January to Monday, 3 February 2014. Those interested please obtain a  [ Read More ]