IG Eat and Play

Posted by admin On September - 5 - 2011

ON 7TH AUGUST 2011, LWMC held an intergenerational (IG)  care and community event called ‘Eat and Play’.  The idea was for the family of God to eat and then play together as food  and fun are great bonding factors.  Simple boxed lunches were catered and the chefs of LWMC rallied to supply lovely desserts for the community’s enjoyment.


Adult small groups were matched with children’s and youth groups for some ice breakers before lunch after which the Seniors Ministry Committee led by Rossy drew the community together to learn some dance steps with one another. We had great fun! Never did we see such joy displayed as people letting down their hair and carrying on having fun repeating ‘the chicken dance’.  Children, youth and adults spontaneously and unreservedly joined in the fun.  Even some very sedate seniors let themselves loose!


By some coincidence, it was Pastor Aaron Tay’s first Sunday at LWMC and the community had fun teasing both Pastor Aaron and Pastor Loretta asking them to dance with members. Truly it was wonderful seeing the family in the house of God rejoicing as a community.  Visions of David dancing  in praise and worship in abandonment came to mind and brought a lump to my throat reminding me that God is truly with us when we unite and enjoy the company of the IG community He has blessed us with.  May we never forget to love as we did on 7th August 2011.